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EXPORT INCENTIVES, DUTY FREE IMPORT OF RAW MATERIALS, DUTY FREE IMPORT OF MACHINERIES, GST REFUNDS & LOGISTIC plays a vital role in export costing. If you properly calculate govt.dues like MEIS Subsidy, Duty Drawback, GST Refunds, Clearing Cost, Transportation Cost & Freight Cost (Logistic Cost), you can easily reduce your export item price which will help you to remain competitive in International Marketing.

What happens due to improper guidance of export import consultant; Many times we have observed during new client visits that exporters are making many mistakes in fulfilling their export obligations under Advance License and EPCG Licenses as the result they are facing problem while getting REDEMPTION CERTIFICATE OR EODC & even wrong HS Code or product description issue also observed with many clients. ALL THIS HAPPENS DUE TO INSUFFICIENT KNOWLEGE OF POLICY

Cheapest is not best always; many times exporters hire consultants based on charges but later faces many problems while closing files or getting subsidies , also incure huge cost and financial losses due to lack of foreign trade policy knowledge of average consultants

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Clarifications on various import export rules and regulations as per Policy

Import duty applicability on products sought to be imported and any mandatory regulations

Export benefits applicable to products exported or sought to be exported

Taxations, Refunds & exemptions of taxes on exports-imports

Inward-outward remittances, & Foreign Exchange Mgmt Act (FEMA) Banking formalities

Forward Contract Booking to hedge Forex fluctuations

Letter of credit advise (L/C)

How to start export-Import/what are licenses required

Proper Pre-Post Shipment documentations mgmt

ADVANCE LICENSE / DUTY DRAWBACK what is more beneficial

We have observed that many manufacturer exporters have been choosing duty drawback over advance license due to improper calculation on benefit or unaware about the know how’s. We would like to meet and discuss how advance license can be more beneficial then duty drawback if you are importing raw material for export production.

Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG 0%) Scheme

Manufacturer exporter/Merchant Exporter Tied with manufacture shall avail EPCG Scheme under this scheme exporter can import Machinery/Spares/Catalogue/Consumables under Zero Percent of Import duty and even IGST is also exempted if you do not wish to the ITC on IGST paid while importing .

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